Shakil Malik

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to you for taking timely action and saving Kamrunnissa Sharif Malik. I express my gratefulness towards you for taking appropriate care of my mother in your hospital. I would like to appreciate the caring nature of your staff as well, who had given timely medication to my mother. Now, she is almost recovered and it has happened only because of your personal attention and dedications towards you’re patients with friendly nature. I, once again, would like to express my gratefulness towards your kindness and generosity.

Mrs Shalins

When I was told by the radiologist, a year ago, to go to breast oncologists, I did not know anyone. But Dr Barthi Shah told me she knew a very good Lady breast oncology surgeon, and recommended you. I called you tha same night and you called me very next day. After seeing the report, you called the very next day for biopsy. You did not waste a single day. But the report took few days, yet again the very next day you gave me appointment for lumpectomy after seeing tge report. I wondered in spite of too many hospital attachments, you still can make time for patients. I still remember the day, you came in time for my biopsy, the staff had not prepared me and not given Inj. TT, but you had the patience with them and waited to do their part though they were not efficient. Even my lupectomy went very well, and On the third day I went to church as if all was well with me. Another thing, I always noticed, you go through the case paper and write the further treatment needed, then ask if any other problems, so you don't miss the treatment you are supposed to continue. That way mistake doesn't happen from your side. Anytime when I needed to meet you for consultancy, you never denied. No excuse. Always cover such a great distance to be there even for one patient. My biopsy, lumpectomy were done well. I never had problem and the chemotherapy. You guided me to the best hospital for radiation. Today I am free from cancer. Taking harmonal therapy for may be 5 years. Everything you taken care of. One more personal thing, please don't get offended, I don't know how you get time to dress up so well and it suits you so well. No one will tell you are a surgeon but you look like a model. Very good looking, very decent, good in surgery keeping time. Wonder how you get all the time on earth to do your duty combining with your personal responsibility . Felt very comfortable to have a lady oncology surgeon. May your tribe may multiply, so the ladys may feel free to discuss and take treatment from you. It’s obvious you love what you do because you are very good at it! I really appreciate your help. I may recommend you to anyone who may need to find a oncology breast surgeon. I give you as many stars to rate you, if there are more. Also every time I asked your suggestion or wanted to meet you, when I wrote to you in what apps- I got prompt reply. You are always there for your patients. I can only say- God bless you.

Daughter of Mrs Munawwar Khan

We associated with you since last more than 8 years since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she was undergoing treatment at umrao hospital .. even now when u are not with Umrao we choose to undergo treatment with you and that's only because of faith and trust factor that my family has on you since such long time and more than that my mother's faith and comfort that matters a lot to be with you .. Experience with you and your treatment has been really nice .. where you always made things crystal clear be it the line of treatment; cost involved and time required .. that really helps the family of the patient to plan the next course of action . Thanks a lot of been what you are . God bless

Daughter of Mrs Savitri K. Suvarna

My mother Mrs Savitri K. Suvarna was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2014. We approached Dr. Bhavisha R. Ghughare for treatment. It was a very precise and clinical treatment from her. Her guidance and approach towards my mother was laudable. My mother was very comfortable with her . My mother underwent operation, 8 chemotherapy and 30 radiation sessions. Now she is perfectly normal and undergoing followup with Dr. Bhavisha every 6 months. Me and my family are thankful to Dr. Bhavisha for curing my mother out of this life threatening disease and will be obliged to her lifelong.

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